Pickleball International

Royal Carribean Pickleball Cruises

Royal Carribean Pickleball cruises are a new revolutionary opportunity for athletes looking to take their game to the next level and get in-person exposure in multiple countries as well as industry-leading training on the ship between stops.

Pickleball courts on cruises have been around for a while. After all, what isn’t on a cruise ship? Given that your hotel (the ship) is on water, cruises afford travellers to see multiple destinations and unpack only once. As a result, cruise ships are the best way to see, experience and in this case, play pickleball, all in one vacation.

Pickleball cruises are especially exciting because it offers everything a regular cruise has to offer, but more! So, not only will you get a great vacation, but a next level pickleball experience as well. With COVID-19 impacting how sport operates, being on a cruise allows us to be in a bubble.