Pickleball International

Pickleball International Camps

We offer year-round pickleball camps dedicated to honing crafts such as third shot drops, volleys, lobbing, transitioning up to the kitchen, and more.

Our camps include:

  • Multiple days of training and playing pickleball
  • Hours of high-quality pickleball instruction
  • Hours of general fitness development
  • Hours of pickleball targeted fitness training
  • Low student-to-pro ratio
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Exclusive Pickleball International training gear*
  • Photos and videos
  • Pre-camp and post-camp evaluation

Skill development focuses on:

  • Growing dinking (strategy, form, shifting, and communication) ability
  • Developing third shot drops and transitioning 'up to the kitchen'
  • Honing volleys: roll volleys, punch volleys, and block volleys
  • Perfecting kitchen tricks: attack shots off the bounce and out of the air
  • Fine tuning lobbing and running shots down
  • Improving overheads
  • Developing elite serves

Upcoming Camps

We are working on adding new camps and will be posting them here shortly.